Prepare Well Before Setting Off for Everest Base Camp Trek


For an adventure of a lifetime, you need to go beyond your limit, push yourself to an extent and achieve something that even surpasses your own vision. It is said that to experience the raw beauty of nature up close; every person needs to go for trekking at least once in his/her life.

And, after going for some short treks, you will be ready for the big challenges. And, talking about the big challenges how can you avoid trekking to the Everest base camp. But, you have to prepare right as this is not going to be an easy one.

Are you ready to invest some time of yours to find out the ways to prepare for the most amazing trek of your life? Here are some guidelines coming straight from them who have the experienced it already.

Book a Travel Agent

First thing first. It is not one of your usual hiking plans around the river bed. It’s a trek in high elevation, and you may not know how to manage a few things en route.

Booking a travel agent guiding Everest Base Camp Trek should top your priority list for that matter. They will fix your itinerary, make arrangements for stay and also supply food and medicines when necessary. You can never realise the level of assistance until you go for the trip.

Know What to Pack and What to Discard

You will be out there at high altitude for 14-15 days and that too for trekking. But, also you have to make sure that the backpack you will be carrying does not turn out to be a heavy burden for you. So, you better be careful about it.

Here are a few items you must pack –

  • Sleeping essentials
  • Trekking shoes (an extra pair)
  • UV protected shades
    Rain jackets
  • Some first aid and medics
    Lightweight clothes
  • Winter essentials

How to Prepare Your Body

You have to be physically fit for trekking in Nepal. If you are in a regular workout zone, then it’s okay. But, if you are not, in that case, you may need to work a bit hard. Remember that it is about making your body flexible and prepping for strength endurance. You need to talk to your fitness trainer accordingly.

  • Here are some necessary physical activities you have to get started with
  • Take the stairs to make your calf muscles strong
  • Go to the gym at least once a week for 3 months before the trek for strength endurance exercises.
  • Walk on an elevated treadmill or the ones with steps
  • To improve the stamina, involve in general physical activities like rock climbing.


It is also about having the mental strength to reach such a height without getting tired, exhausted or suffering from breathlessness. Check out the videos of trekkers shared to gain that confidence and stay motivated throughout the trip.


Things to Expect in Nepal Trekking Package

If you are planning to go on a trekking trip to Nepal, there are quite a few things you can and should expect. Many veteran trekkers and mountain climbers will recommend Nepal as the perfect destination for trekking, and that too for obvious reasons. Going for a trekking package is the ideal solution if you are a first-time trekker and want to go for trekking in Nepal. The trekking packages usually include overnight accommodation arrangements, coupled with quite a few other things that will make the trek more comfortable. Let us now find out what more a trekking package to Nepal usually includes. Read on to find out more.


Inclusions in the trekking package

When you try to think about the various inclusions that need to be your Nepal trekking package, you must keep one factor in mind – each package differs from the other. The “one size fits all” concept has no place in the entire Nepal trekking scenario. Each package is designed and each inclusion is considered, based on the taste and preference of the trekker, the budget he or she has, and his or her physical and mental capabilities to endure the hardships of trekking through the mountainous regions of Nepal. To get the best package for yourself, you need to do a lot of research, either from travel books, or from online websites. Let us take a look at what a basic trekking package might include:

  • The main aspect of any trekking trip is the actual trekking part. Travelling from one point to another during the trek will occupy most of your trip, especially if you make no other arrangements. Airport transfer is the very first part of any trekking package. The tour service will transport you to and from the Kathmandu airport before and after the trek or the Everest Base Camp Tour. But there are some packages that do not include airport transfer. So it is up to you to choose a package that includes transport to and from the airport.
  • Besides airport transfer, the trekking package should also include three meals every day, namely, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food in Nepal is not bad, but if you do not know what to eat, or if you have any food allergies, it would be a much better choice to go with a trekking package that offers meal service as well. Try to go for complimentary meals, or at least a complimentary breakfast, and also remember to talk to the tour operator about your allergies beforehand. Make it a point to find out if the cost of the meal service is included in the trekking package price or not, just for the sake of avoiding future issues with bill settlement.


  • As mentioned earlier, most trekking packages include overnight accommodation arrangements. A trek through Nepal usually takes you through uncharted mountainous terrain, where the presence of a hotel or an inn might be a figment of your imagination. In such areas, accommodation mainly implies spending the night in a tent. So it is up to you to make sure you pack your luggage or rucksack accordingly. Carry mosquito repellents and a sleeping bag for the purpose of spending the night in a tent.

Keep these expectations in mind when booking your next trekking package to Nepal.